Theodora Portrait Design


I truly believe that photography is a gift. It allows me to show the world what I see. To show love and beauty in a way that is sometimes missed as we rush through life. My greatest desire is to create images that speak, if to no one else, than to the person who I am blessed to have standing before me. A person who, though perhaps with timidity, has invited me to show them the beauty I see shining through the light of their soul.

I am so blessed to be a wife and mother. I have an amazing, supportive husband and 2 of the funniest kids. I love laughing and being silly with my family. I love Saturday morning hunts for garage sales and winter trips to the antique mall. I have a fascination with all things vintage. I spent my collage years studying 15th and 16th city British literature and could count on one hand how many novels I've read that were published after the 1950s. My favorite movie is "Pride and Prejudice". On the nights when I'm battling insomnia, I am hanging out with Kiera Knightly and editing, working, or adding to my massive amounts of Pins. Oh yes. I'm a Pinterest mega-fan! If you see my Words to Ponder board you'll find that I love God and feel blessed by the life I've been given. I have a passion to love those around me and believe that failure is not a bad word. It is an opportunity to find my path in life and to live this one life with abundance, laughter, love and joy.

Best wishes.