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So sometimes I fight to create what's in my head. This session was one of those times. I struggled with my fear of shooting film on a new camera with no digital "backups" to fall on should I fail completely. I struggled with the insecurities of asking to high school student to play dress up with me and hang out in the freezing snow on New Year's Day and whether or not they thought I was a bit nutty. struggled with how my styling for this session might turn out. I finally wanted to get the images out of my head and made the call to the girls' mom. It was a lot to struggle through, but it was was so worth it. I faced my doubts and created something I'm excited about. I'm looking forward to many more rolls of film in my future.

film: a journey begins

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For the last several years I have found myself drawn to a certain color and look in photography. I finally discovered that the look and color I was striving to create came from film. To be even more specific, the look I love comes from medium forma cameras and Fuji 400H film. It may seem like there shouldn't be a difference between film and digital, but as far I can see, there is a difference.