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Delight in Your Work

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delight yourself in your work

delight yourself in your work

When I take delight in my work and I find that it doesn't feel like work. I'm blessed to make money doing something that I find joy in. That feels like playing at times.

When people ask what I do for work their reaction has a hint of knowing that there's fun to be had in my day. And sometimes a longing of wanting to have a "fun"  or "creative" job. There's creativity and joy, though, to be found in many arenas. Singing while taking care your home as the CEO of your home. Learning the ins and outs of a car as you study to become a mechanic. Discovering the science behind food as you create a new dish. You don't have to be envious of #creatives.

We are found in every industry. We're the ones who take delight in what we create - be that a piece of art or a masterfully crafted spreadsheet.

What are you a creative at?