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Magazine Remix: W October 2014

art journalingTerri BleekerComment

This art journaling page ended up being very simple. Looking at what came from pulling this page together, to me it's about potential. This girl represents a life bursting with possibilities. When we take a leap from our comfort zones and jump toward that thing that is burning in our heart - that powerful calling - we have a much greater chance to be who we want. Letting go of fear and leaping toward something ushers in a burst of life and a freedom to be ourselves. I think this is something that we all want, but sometimes we hold back. We fear judgement. We fear failing. We fear not fully understanding where we're headed. I know that this describes me at times. But the more I let go the more I discover who I am and the greater the strength I have to embrace and love who I was created to be.

This art journaling page was created from the October 2014 issue of W Magazine.