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Pushing through the excuses

Terri BleekerComment

Earlier this week I was driving toward downtown, camera in the seat next to me, fully taking in the excuses of why I shouldn't go out a shoot that morning.

  • It's hot.
  • Parking is a mess in that part of town.
  • I don't have much change for the meters.
  • I don't feel like walking around lugging my bag.
  • My pictures aren't as good as other people's.
  • I don't really know what I'm going to shoot.
  • I've shot in this area before. I probably won't find anything new.

Seriously. I'm a photographer and I just was not inspired or motivated to walk around and shoot that morning. I'm not entirely sure what snapped me out of it that morning, but I forced myself to take the exit toward the Short North, find a meter, and get my butt out of the car.

I'm so insanely glad I did. Once I got started the images just kept revealing themselves. With each found image I got inspired and motivated. I even tried some street photography after remembering the prompts from the Skillshare course by @Trashhand. I kept going for 2 1/2 hours and 3 parking meters.

In hindsight here's the reality of my excuses:

  • It was very hot, but totally worth sweating.
  • Parking was super easy because it was so early in the morning.
  • The meters take credit cards so there was not need to worry about a lack of coins.
  • I got over lugging around my back and eventually left it in the car.
  • Someone else may very well have taken far more amazing images of the areas I was in, but I really love what I created that morning.
  • I found plenty to shoot.
  • I shot things I had not seen before in ways I had not looked at them.

I'm so glad I found the excuses.