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In My Chair: A Makeup Artist's Perspective on Beauty

Terri BleekerComment

I started doing hair and makeup for my photography clients about a year ago. It's amazing some of the conversations I've had while curling hair and applying makeup. 

Most women have some area of doubt especially regards to how they perceive their own beauty. There are a mountain of reasons for this. Past wounds. Words spoken to us thoughtlessly. A lack of confidence, be it big or ever so small. We doubt ourselves for reasons that could some times fill a volume of books. Or, possibly worse, we compare ourselves to her. You know. The woman who seems to have it all together. The mom who you think has it all together. The coworker that is always receiving praises. The friend on Facebook who's selfies show her amazing wardrobe and put together hair and makeup. 

She has it together, I imagine, in areas. But I can promise that she suffers from the same gut wrenching comparison that sometimes torments you.

A friend asked me why it's so had to make friends and really connect with other women. Being someone I confide in on a regular basis, my answer was very much to the point. Because we struggle so hard to be vulnerable. We think other's would die to know that we're a hot mess at times, regardless of what our social media posts seem to portray. As a gender, we fear letting our guard down and being authentically ourselves. Layout out our meltdowns and shining moments alike. 

What our fear and comparison robs us of is connection. Just one authentic relationship in your life can be the difference between opening up the world before you and defeat.

Is there someone you'd like to get to know. Or someone you're sure could be a great friend? Grit your teeth and, with just 20 seconds of bravery, send her a text, an email or tweet - something - and invite her for coffee. I doubt you'll regret it.